Do Not Let the Transformative Opportunity Slip Away

LIU Hau Man

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Government & International Studies

I think all students who just came back from an exchange would agree with me on the fact that being an exchange student abroad has its challenging sides too. It is responsible to note that being on an exchange experience is not all glamorous and sophisticated like most Instagram photos show. While I would not minimize the fun part, I would also like to highlight the uneasy life-learning process which is one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever have.

The exchange year for me is not an academic year in 10 months but a life in a year. During the year of experiences, the growing-up episode of my life fast-forwarded with a blink. Living abroad in a foreign land on your own is not necessarily a comfortable task, especially when the culture shock and academic stress crash onto you. The cliché but golden saying, no pain; no gain sums it up well. The exclusive ‘exchange’ challenges only make us stronger. After all, breathing the exotic air, living the intercultural life, feeling the personal growth is the hardest but biggest reward of all.

Take the chance to live your university life to the fullest! If you are unsure, trust us - this is going to be an experience that you are going to reminisce and be nostalgic about for the rest of your life.