What leads to success? Beliefs? Knowledge?

LAM Ho Wai

Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)

For me, I have two beliefs that motivated me to step forward. Including, stepping out of my comfort zone and using my knowledge.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and do not afraid of failure. For me, I like learning new things. Like languages such as Spanish, Korean, and Thai. I tried to join a volunteer program overseas. I remember that it was the first time I lived in a foreign place where I need to take care of myself and my service users. Eventually, I tried my best to attempt new things, new cultures. I not only learned Thai but successfully provided the services with certain objectives to the clients. Therefore, I encourage everyone to step out of the comfort zone and you will receive much more than your imagination.

We learned and we act. It is always meaningful to turn knowledge into power. As a social work student, we are well trained with different social work theory. Apart from applying professional knowledge to others, we can also apply knowledge from other courses. For me, I learned skills to reuse and recreate wood materials from the course Product design in HKBU. Hence, I used these skills to help the refugees in Hong Kong to DIY the necessities for them.

In short, do not underestimate yourself and overthink about success as you can use your power to succeed.