In this fast-changing world brought about by globalization, we need people who are versatile, can move with changes and offer solutions to the current and impending social issues.  At HKBU’s Faculty of Social Sciences produces transdisciplinary knowledge as the basis of our unique disciplinary genetics, we look into the social issues from different perspectives, conduct comparative analysis, both historically and geographically, and produce transdisciplinary knowledge to serve the world.  We have expertise in conducting the following trans-disciplinary research themes:

We conduct comparative researches on environment, social and political landscapes to uncover the various social issues, such as energy problems, resource and ecosystem management, human-environment interactions, and climate change in China, Asia and Europe. The researches aim at developing a better understanding of the past, present and future of the process and impact of the changing environment as well as the social and political landscapes.

Social justice and equality have long been hot topics for research with researchers approaching relevant issues from different perspective. Our facult members adopt a transdisciplinary approach to investigate social justice and equality arising from the disparities between different gender, classes, cultures and ethnicities.

The global influence of China has afforded new relevance to the study of urban developments in the country. Our research focuses on enhancing understanding of urban and mobile China (including Hong Kong) from political, historical, economic, geographical and sociological perspectives.