A Rewarding Exchange Journey to Finland

HO Wing Hei

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History and Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Personal, Social and Humanities Education Teaching


I would like to thank you for honoring me as the recipient of the Social Sciences Scholarship for Global Exchange, the scholarship means a lot to me, not just a financial support, but also a recognition of my work. Without the generous support from Hong Kong Baptist University, I cannot have had the rewarding exchange journey.


As a student who is going to be a new graduate, I believe the time we study in university would be important for us to prepare ourselves for the future challenge. Grasping the opportunities, trying new things, and keeping curiosity are the key to growth. An exchange journey is a good chance for us to explore and push ourselves.


The first time I acknowledge the exchange program is in year 2, I have different expectations about the exchange program, like traveling to a different place, making friends from different places, and trying different new things. However, when the exchange application deadline was approaching, I’m hesitant to submit my application, the economic status consideration, and the fear of uncertainty are the major reasons.


But still, now I have finished my exchange programs in Finland, I’m grateful for my persistence. The biggest rewards for me are not how many places I had traveled or the friends I made in Finland, but the difficulties I faced and the decision I made, as well as my spiritual growth. Fear of uncertainty is usual, but only take one step further, we always found it is not that difficult to get things done. Keep trying, that is the only way to success.