Learning from Volunteering

LI Hin Ching

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Geography


I always engage in different community services since now and then. As a citizen who is capable of offering help to those indeed, I think it is a social responsibility that people should volunteer. Also, volunteering can help people to gain new skills. Joining services is one of the ways for me to “learn beyond the book”. 


I applied to become a volunteer tutor in Principal Chan Free Tutorial World after the HKDSE. I have heard of this organisation for long that it provides the children from the underprivileged have the equal tutoring opportunities like those attend tutorial classes outside the school. I believe that financial status should not be a constraint for the underprivileged students to learn.


I decided to become a student committee member of a society that focuses on community services in HKBU. In the past, I often acted as a participant of the programmes, but now turned to an organizer to design the content and target of the services, which definitely broaden my horizons and think comprehensively.


Volunteering enables me to meet people, which inspired me the most through the service programme for moderately mentally handicapped and children. I had never made conversation or interactions with the handicapped before. Being one of the organising committee of the programme, I think it was challenging and new to me. Surprisingly, the situation was far from our expectations. Without participating in this programme, I think I may not have a chance to get along with the mentally handicapped and altered my impression towards them.


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Service programme of single-parent children–”Road to Fairy Tale”

Service programme of moderate mentally handicapped and children–”Happy 2gether”

The organising committee of the service programme