One of the Most Memorable Experiences in My University Life

WANG Xiaozhi

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Government & International Studies


Never shall I forget the days in Reims, where tranquillity and vibrancy were combined perfectly. About one hundred miles away from Paris, the city of Reims was clear of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, which made it the perfect home to Sciences Po’s major campus. Featuring majestic churches and quaint streets, Reims was also proud of its vigorous academic community, where Sciences Po stood out. As one of the most prestigious political science institutions in the world, Sciences Po impressed me not only with its high teaching and research quality but also its francophone academic spirits. While instructing students to learn and inquire empirically, Sciences Po also attached great importance to philosophical thinking where students were expected to pursue metaphysical questions. 


I am grateful to have this precious opportunity to spend a semester in such a serene and heuristic education environment. Majoring in International Affairs and Strategy during my exchange semester, I was fortunate to communicate with top scholars in political science and elite public affairs professionals, which constituted the most valuable asset of the program. Meanwhile, I also benefited greatly from the international networking provided by Sciences Po, where ideas met and exchanged, opening my eyes to a broader world that I may have never experienced in Hong Kong. Moreover, the exchange offered me a perfect chance to travel around Europe, taking my studies far beyond the campus.


Though the semester exchange was short in terms of its period, its impact is a life-changing one. During the four and a half months, I encountered a broader world and explored it by myself, through which I grew academically and spiritually. This has been one of the most memorable experiences in my university life, an experience that I would like to recommend to all my fellow social sciences students.