Break boundaries, achieve sustainability

HUI Ka Yan

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Government & International Studies


‘What is the most urgent social problem today?’ I was asked when I joined this social innovation project. My advisors told me that they expected answers like poverty, social justice, and so on. But my answer was ‘the lack of opportunities for teenagers to push the society forward’. They are so curious about my answers and that’s how I start my journey in Beyond Sight, a project promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


I would start with the origins of our project name, “Beyond Sight”. At first, I did not have many ideas of SDGs, and my advisors guide me to think of the reasons that people are ignorant of global issues. That’s how we come up with our project name, with the aim to go beyond our visions and visualizing the current problems. While recalling the process of this project, every step seemed to be impossible. But I encouraged my team with the sentences, ‘if we give up now, there would be fewer people understanding the SDGs’. It is also worth noticing about our breakthroughs with the approaches in social media promotion. When we voiced out the idea of incorporating “photography” and “diary”, we unexpectedly got support from the whole team. And now, we did it!


It further inspires me with the idea of the train-the-trainers program, especially targeting teenagers. I wish that my project would not only raise public awareness in SDGs, but also empower the youths with the same passions as me. We further modify the project by helping teenagers to understand themselves, as well as providing opportunities for them to unleash their full potentials. We are sustaining knowledge transfer, especially skills learning through the power of peer influence. What Beyond Sight means to me would be a place to realize my dreams. What’s most important, we are learning to unite a team, and driving the whole society together.


In short, an action from one can step out from the boundary, while the actions of many can definitely help to build a more sustainable society. Then, why not start with a very small step?