To learn with our companions in difficult times

WONG Nok Man

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History


Learning is one of the essential components of university life. Apart from lectures, there are many opportunities for us to gain more knowledge, such as seminars, internships, exchange events, the list goes on.  I would like to recommend a channel which often being neglected but useful way of learning - to learn with others.  I sometimes teach my friends some German slangs which I learned from the German courses I attended, then they would teach me some Japanese later for exchange. Learning alone might refrain us from learning something you oversaw while learning with others could prevent us from being ignorant. The exchange of knowledge between friends have enriched my spectrum of knowledge and allows me to ignite interesting ideas during study.


Learning is not easy, especially during this dreadful time that spread fear to us. The future seems dim, we might sometimes be trapped by helplessness. So, let's learn with our companions. Not only could we learn for something academic, but also something spiritual: to learn to express affection, to learn to be caring, to learn to support one another. Learn with our companion, so that we won’t be haunted by ignorance and solitude.