Research Postgraduate Forum - "From Living ...To Living Better"



The Faculty Research Postgraduate Forum (FRPF) 2013 "From Living ...To Living Better" was successfully held on April 26th. Over 40 postgraduate students and faculty members from all across the faculty participated in this exciting event. Six postgraduate students delivered research presentations addressing issues of regional sustainable development, moral traits and psychometric studies, public health, human life satisfaction, and international relations. Prof. Jia Yang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences delivered an inspiring keynote speech. Prof. Yang graduated from Harvard University 10 years ago, and is the first blind foreign student to graduate with a Master's Degree in Public Administration since the founding of Harvard.


This forum has brought together diverse research from across the social science in a thought provoking, interactive, forum-style format. It stimulated discussion which will no doubt inspire intelligent and creative social science research, and enhance the research relationship among postgraduate students and faculty members. Participants also shared their own research experience and offered insight into how global social science could contribute to the transforming society.