Social Sciences Internship

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February 2023


Social Sciences Internship &
Student Research Attachment
(Summer & Semester 1, 2023-24)


Student Application

Internship Period & Working Mode

Summer, 2023 (Jun 2023 to Aug 2023)
Full Time (5 full days/ 40 hours per week)

Semester 1, AY2023-24 (Late-Aug 2023 to Nov 2023)
Part Time (2 full days/ 16 hours per week)


All non-final year undergraduate students of the Social Sciences Faculty (Senior intake year 3 students are also eligible)

Earning Credit Units

Students will be enrolled in one of the following 3-unit courses in Summer / Semester 1, AY2023-24

  • Social Sciences Experiential Learning in Action (SOSC3005 Community & Civic Engagement)
  • GE Capstone (GCAP3145 Community & Civic Engagement)
  • Free Elective (SOSC1005 Internship I / SOSC2005 Internship II)

Internship & Research Attachment Opportunities

Apart from the internship opportunities provided by the internship organisations, student research attachment opportunities offered by Departments / Centres in HKBU will be available too! Students may choose to work in the government offices, NGOs, social enterprises, policy related offices, arts or cultural conservation organisations, media and publishers, research centres, or participating in research research projects, etc.


Apply via SSI & ELA Online System by 23 March 2023 (Thursday)



(This Round)

Placement Registration by Organisations

Internship Period & Working Mode

Semester 2, AY2023-24 (Jan 2024 to Apr 2024)
Part Time (2 full days/ 16 hours per week)

Job Posting

Interested organisations are welcome to post the internship/attachment opportunities by 1 November 2023 (Wednesday) (Job Posting will be available in late-Sept 2023)